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Have you ever wondered how you can grow your network and eventually get your dreams job in the field of your choice? If you have, then the Villanova School of Business’s Mentor program is perfect for you!

On October 23, 2019, I attended the Villanova School of Business’s Mentor Program information session. Here I was introduced to three upperclassmen who currently participate in the program, as well as one mentor. Each member of the panel provided an interesting description of their experience in the mentor program.

To summarize, the program allows students, beginning in their sophomore year in VSB, to be set up with a mentor who is Villanova alumni in their field of interest. Students are then able to meet and form both a professional and personal relationship with their mentor. Mentors provide students with advice regarding their field of study, how to get a job, and can even introduce them to other professionals in their field of interest.

Being a student in the Villanova School of Business myself, I see no reason not to participate in this program. There is only a finite amount of information that you can in the classroom alone. If you are like me and have an interest in a particular flied in the business sector, this program allows you to gain knowledge that only a person working in that field could know.

In some cases, your relationship with your mentor could go beyond just your professional life. For example, the students on the panel shared a story of one student who participated in the mentor program that became so close with his mentor that he invited him to come to his graduation.

All around, the program itself is rather informal. Once you are step out with your alumni mentor, it its up to you to contact them, schedule meeting and ask questions. The mentees on the panel said that they have met their respective mentors at local coffee shops and have spoken with them over the phone, through text messages, and on Skype and Facetime calls.

At the end of the day, it is up to you, the students of the Villanova School of Business, to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. I personally recommend this program to any student who has a particular area of interest and is looking for both professional and personal advice on how to start and maintain their career in the business sector. To me, participating in this program seems like a no brainier. What better way is there to learn about a specific field than by developing a relationship with a professional who works in that field everyday. For any of those who seek to contact the VSB Mentor Program with questions or have a desire to join, the link to their web page is posted at the bottom of this post.


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